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Cemu Loader

  • Cemu is a Wii U Emulator
  • This application is a frontend for this emulator
    • Scan games in rom folder
    • Load games
    • Add game's shortcut in desktop
    • And more ...
  • This application is available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish)

Cemu Loader Screenshot

Execute application

Standalone installer (New !)

Disable Smartscreen (on windows 10) and run installer as administrator... i know this can be scary but you can open the archive (with 7zip for example) and you will see that there is nothing except NWjs and application's sources. If you are still afraid you should simply move to "Package" installation described below

Package (Old)

1. Install NW.js

  • Download lastest normal version of NW.js
  • Unzip content in "C:\Program Files\nwjs"

2. Download application

3. Launch application

  • Double click on the application (.nw file)
  • Select "nw.exe" from "C:\Program Files\nwjs" as default reader for "*.nw" files