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Upbound delivers a single point of control to manage all your applications and infrastructure across teams, tenants and clouds.


  1. universal-crossplane universal-crossplane Public

    Enterprise-grade @crossplane from @upbound

    Go 96 25

  2. up up Public

    The @upbound CLI

    Go 41 29

  3. up-sdk-go up-sdk-go Public

    The @golang SDK for @upbound

    Go 9 12

  4. platform-ref-aws platform-ref-aws Public

    AWS Reference Platform for Kubernetes + Data Services for use as a starting point in to build, run, and operate your own internal cloud platform and offer a self-service console and API …

    Makefile 83 56

  5. platform-ref-multi-k8s platform-ref-multi-k8s Public

    Upbound's reference platform for multi-cloud Kubernetes with Crossplane

    58 28

  6. xgql xgql Public

    Crossplane's @graphql API

    Go 42 18


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