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Upcloo Wordpress Plugin

Build Status

UpCloo is a cloud based and fully hosted indexing engine that helps you to create incredible and automatic correlations between contents of your website.


This plugin is designed for provide a full access to UpCloo technology

More info

You can use follow links:

Build and distribuite

For distribuite this WordPress plugin you have three options:

  • use an already compiled tree Download area
  • build the package by your self for generate a valid tree
  • copy `wp-upcloo folder into your production env

If you copy all resource all system works fine without any improvements or performance reduction. Only the natural package is quite verbose respect a compiled one. That because the UpCloo have tests, packages and all other development stuffs.

Building library

Build is supported by Ant file "build.xml" and is very simple to use

Compile the project with ant. If you want to clean your project use ant clean.

After compile process you have a new directory named dist that have only necessary stuffs for WordPress. Now open this one and you can copy the wp-upcloo folder directly into your wp-content/plugins .


In order to use SVN split plugin folder to another repository

git subtree split --prefix=wp-upcloo --annotate='(READONLY) ' -b wp-upcloo
git push wp-upcloo:master


In this section we want to list all people that help us to maintain and fix problems with this plugin.

Thanks to:

  • @miziomon (Mavida s.n.c.)
    • WP messages and notifications improvement.
    • Contribution on release: 1.1.19
    • WP Plugin Update Central
    • Contribution on release: 1.2.9