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Never become yet another.

Hello! 👋

Never become yet another.

This is the GitHub organisation for UpCloud, a leading European cloud service provider with a global cloud platform spanning four continents. UpCloud offers Cloud Servers, Managed Kubernetes, Managed Databases, Object Storage and more.

💾 Our repositories

Our public repositories include:

💬 How to reach us?

If you find a bug, have an improvement idea or have any questions about how to use our tools, please open an issue in the related repository.

For problems or questions specifically about your account or resources running on your account (e.g., question about a specific server), please reach to our support instead.


  1. terraform-provider-upcloud terraform-provider-upcloud Public

    Terraform provider for UpCloud

    Go 56 27

  2. upcloud-cli upcloud-cli Public

    UpCloud command line client (upctl)

    Go 27 6

  3. upcloud-ansible-collection upcloud-ansible-collection Public

    Ansible UpCloud Collection module

    Python 4 2

  4. upcloud-python-api upcloud-python-api Public

    Python client for UpCloud's API

    Python 52 21

  5. upcloud-go-api upcloud-go-api Public

    Go client for UpCloud's API

    Go 41 9

  6. packer-plugin-upcloud packer-plugin-upcloud Public

    A suite of Packer plugins for provisioning UpCloud servers

    Go 3 6


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