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mordechaim committed Feb 10, 2019
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* *Upcoming Release*
* Changed signature of `UpdateHandler.startCheckUpdateFile()` to return `boolean`. Returning `false` will skip that file from being updated.
* Pass an argument and system properties from the config when using the `DefaultLauncher`.
* `DefaultLauncher` is now aware of JavaFX and will start `javafx.application.Application` even if missing a main method in class defined in `default.launcher.main.class`.
* Reduced system dependencies to `java.xml` (breaking change in some cases).
* Reduced system dependencies to `java.xml` and added warnings if system module is not properly resolved.
* **1.4.0**
* Added dependency injection framework to communicate between the bootstrap and service provider.
* Consequently, removed provider consumers at update and launch, and passing args at launch.
@@ -9,7 +11,7 @@
* Locate explicit service providers even if not properly registered as required by `ServiceLoader`.
* Made many service methods `default`.
* Added `osFromFilename()` method in `FileMetadata` builder.
* Properly set encoding to Unicode when reading remote config in `DefualtBootstrap`.
* Properly set encoding to Unicode when reading remote config in `DefaultBootstrap`.
* Bug fix when local config file was missing in `DefaultBootstrap::launchFirst`.
* Changed how `--delegate` argument in `Bootstrap` works.
* Fixed bug in `deleteOldFiles()` where it would try to compare files even if it belongs to different OS.

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