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Make it easier for users to update their passwords
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Change My Password

A directory of direct links to update the passwords of your accounts on various websites.

Inspired by


The sites, urls and additional notes are stored in sites.json. If you want to add a site to the list you'll need the following information:

  • name: The name of the service.
  • url: The url of the page where the password can be changed. If such a page doesn't exist, the url should be a contact form or help page explaining the process.
  • info: (optional) Notes will be shown when someone hovers over that service. They may include additional information you might need to update your password.

Contribution checklist

  1. Have you updated to the latest version of the project? git pull
  2. If you have modified an existing service's difficulty, please explain why/give sources.
  3. URLs must be direct links to either the change password page or, if this is not available, a relevant help article.
  4. Any extra steps needed for the process should be detailed in the info (if necessary).
  5. Be sure to indent 4 spaces per level.
  6. Be sure to place your entry ALPHABETICALLY in the current list.
  7. Please test that your changes work by going to localhost or localhost/index.html


Change My Password is licensed under the MIT license.

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