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breaking: Microsoft censorship begins

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vassudanagunta committed Jun 6, 2018
1 parent 787145f commit 173d6219bb0549f5c6aed913a5da5d46a7a6f292
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> ## BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft GitHub just censored this project from its [Trending page](
We were #1 just before they removed us. Our star count continues to climb rapidly. We have not violated any terms of service.

Is this Microsoft GitHub's commitment to an open platform for all projects? Will this repo be deleted too? Will other projects that compete with Microsoft products or challenge its dominance be on the chopping block next?


# GitHub has sold us out. This is the GitHub Evacuation Center.

Sold out.

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commented on 173d621 Jun 6, 2018

GitHub is rapidly ruining its reputation.

A lot of people will say "That's an issue in showing trending repos", but since there's no official comment from GitHub on this commit, I personally consider this as a censorship even if it's not officially proved.

I do understand though that it will be easy for them to say "We're not censoring! There's a bug in our code and <insert_the_person_name> is guilty!" if the investigation will start.

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