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Franklin Forms

Franklin Forms is a Rails app that provides various forms and interfaces to patrons for making requests, asking for help from staff, and viewing information on resource sharing.


  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • Rails 5
  • Oracle Instant Client 12.1
  • libaio1
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Copy .env.example to .env.
  3. Open .env set the values for each variable. Each variable is documented in the file.

Now you can run the Rails server to access the forms or execute the following to run the forms with Docker:

docker-compose up .


Execute the following commands to create the Docker image and push it to the local Docker hub:

docker build -t .
docker push


Franklin Forms has two top-level paths:

  • /redir: Most forms are initially linked under this path and are redirected to an analagous path under /forms or an external service such as Ares or Aeon. This is done when additional information needs to be retrieved before handling the request, such as referrer information or OpenURL data. "Need Help?" is linked here and does not redirect.
  • /forms: Most form requests end up under this path. The resource sharing page is also under here.

Forms / Interfaces

Franklin Forms provides the following request options and interfaces:

Option Notes
Books by Mail appears in fulfillment iframe and on Services page
FacultyEXPRESS appears in fulfillment iframe and on Services page
Fix OPAC Request appears in fulfillment iframe and on Services page
ILL appears in fulfillment iframe and on Services page
Need Help? appears on Services page
Place on Course Reserve appears in fulfillment iframe and on Services page
Request Enhanced Cataloging appears in fulfillment iframe and on Services page
Request to View appears in Franklin
Resource Sharing appears in Franklin and library website

Integration Points

Franklin Forms operates with the following services:

Service Notes
Aeon for requesting to view special collection titles
Alma for retrieving bibliographic information
Ares for placing course reserves
BorrowDirect+ for Relais authentication and linking to search interface
ILLiad for placing various requests; interacts directly w/database and simulates browser activity
Library LDAP for authorization and determining standing faculty status
Penn Community for retrieving patron information

Auditing Secrets

You can use Gitleaks to check the repository for unencrypted secrets that have been committed.

docker run --rm --name=gitleaks -v $PWD:/code -v --repo-path=/code --repo-config

Any leaks will be logged to stdout. You can add the --redact flag if you do not want to log the offending secrets.

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