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uses the release plugin to upload to bintray
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uses the release plugin to upload to bintray provided certain conditions are met:

  • Using java 7 (you cannot upload to bintray with 6 or below due to a java bug)
  • Not a SNAPSHOT (bintray does not support SNAPSHOTs)
  • Doesn't already exist
  • Bintray url is in the correct form, exits with error if condition not met regardless of -failOnConditionMet value


Plugin will most likely be used during the build phase


plugins {
    build(":bintray-upload:<version>", ":release:2.2.1") {
      export = false

The release plugin must be installed as well


Configure everything as you would with the release plugin, but instead of calling maven-deploy or publish-plugin, call upload-to-bintray. By default, if conditions are not met, the script throws an exception. You can change the flag -failOnBadCondition to true to have it just log the conditions that were not met and not exit with an error.

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