This is upenn's internal implementation of metridoc
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This is a basic template / container for the view layer of metridoc. All of the metridoc projects are grails plugins and this application represents starting point to use these components. Although this readme should help you get started, more details about MetriDoc software are available at the MetriDoc wiki.
For the most part, MetriDoc is an api / scripting tool to migrate data and the view part is an optional component to view / download thatdata. If you want to use any of the view components that have been created for MetriDoc, this is the place to start.

Getting Started

This template represents a default grails application that only contains the metridoc-core plugin. The template is actually a running application. No MetriDoc applications are installed, so by itself it doesn't do anything particularily interesting besides configuring security. The following commands will get it working

git clone
cd metridoc-template-app
./grailsw run-app

You should see a simple home page listing installed applications (which there are none). You can log in as admin with user name admin and password password to see the admin components. At this point the application is running on an in memory database, so any changes you make will be lost on a restart. And given the default password, very insecure.

For general depoyment you have two options, you can either run ./grailsw run-war which fires up the application on a Tomcat server, or run ./grailsw war to create a war archive of the application which can be deployed to your favorite servle container. MetriDoc components have been tested on Jetty and Tomcat. Tried and failed to get the application to work on Glassfish.

Setting up the Data Source