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H2020 SAUCE Project

Development of web based tools intended to animate secondary (or background) 3D virtual agents (where quantity is more important than quality) in real time, by giving them a behaviour that makes them aware of their surroundings and can navigate in a scenery semi-autonomously. Also we want to achieve behaviors that differs from the rest of the entities even though the action is the same, giving some personality, taking into account character properties, and finally having a realistic background scene, populated with each person behaving uniquely. The advantage of this tool is that the artists do not have to worry about the individual behavior of each secondary agent, as it is automatically managed by our AI generated by an hybrid approach of Behavior Trees. Also, this behaviors will become reusable once they are created, as other artists may want to generate similar scenarios or they do not want to start from zero and want to have a base behavior to continue developing theirs.

The application can be tested on this link. It is continuously growing and changing. By now, it is not connected to any repository, but in the future it will.

Also it is not perfectly improved, so the performance can be damaged if the number of agents increases.


Animation stylization and behavior prototyping pipeline.






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