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Pinpoint is an APM (Application Performance Management) tool for large-scale distributed systems written in Java. Modelled after Dapper, Pinpoint provides a solution to help analyze the overall structure of the system and how components within them are interconnected by tracing transactions across distributed applications.

  • Install agents without changing a single line of code
  • Minimal impact on performance (approximately 3% increase in resource usage)

Latest Release (2018/01/04)

We're happy to announce the release of Pinpoint v1.7.1. Please check the release note at (

The current stable version is v1.7.1.

Plugin Development Guide (2016/03/18)

We now have a plugin development guide. Yay!


Services nowadays often consist of many different components, communicating amongst themselves as well as making API calls to external services. How each and every transaction gets executed is often left as a blackbox. Pinpoint traces transaction flows between these components and provides a clear view to identify problem areas and potential bottlenecks.
For a more intimate guide, please check out our Introduction to Pinpoint video clip.

  • ServerMap - Understand the topology of any distributed systems by visualizing how their components are interconnected. Clicking on a node reveals details about the component, such as its current status, and transaction count.

  • Realtime Active Thread Chart - Monitor active threads inside applications in real-time.

  • Request/Response Scatter Chart - Visualize request count and response patterns over time to identify potential problems. Transactions can be selected for additional detail by dragging over the chart.

    Server Map

  • CallStack - Gain code-level visibility to every transaction in a distributed environment, identifying bottlenecks and points of failure in a single view.

    Call Stack

  • Inspector - View additional details on the application such as CPU usage, Memory/Garbage Collection, TPS, and JVM arguments.



Pinpoint Architecture

Supported Modules

  • JDK 6+
  • Tomcat 6/7/8, Jetty 8/9, JBoss EAP 6, Resin 4, Websphere 6/7/8
  • Spring, Spring Boot (Embedded Tomcat, Jetty)
  • Apache HTTP Client 3.x/4.x, JDK HttpConnector, GoogleHttpClient, OkHttpClient, NingAsyncHttpClient
  • Thrift Client, Thrift Service, DUBBO PROVIDER, DUBBO CONSUMER
  • Arcus, Memcached, Redis, CASSANDRA
  • iBATIS, MyBatis
  • gson, Jackson, Json Lib
  • log4j, Logback

Third Party Agents/Plugins

There may be agents, and plugins that are being developed and managed by other individuals/organizations. Please take a look here for the list and see if you would like to help out in their development.

Quick Start

You may run a sample Pinpoint instance in your own machine by running four simple scripts for each components: Collector, Web, Sample TestApp, HBase.

Once the components are running, you should be able to visit http://localhost:28080 to view the Pinpoint Web UI, and http://localhost:28081 to generate transactions on the Sample TestApp.

For details, please refer to the quick-start guide.


Build Requirements

  • JDK 6 installed (jdk1.6.0_45 recommended)
  • JDK 7 installed (jdk1.7.0_80 recommended)
  • JDK 8 installed
  • JAVA_6_HOME environment variable set to JDK 6 home directory.
  • JAVA_7_HOME environment variable set to JDK 7 home directory.
  • JAVA_8_HOME environment variable set to JDK 8 home directory.


Java version required to run Pinpoint:

Pinpoint Version Agent Collector Web
1.0.x 6-8 6+ 6+
1.1.x 6-8 7+ 7+
1.5.x 6-8 7+ 7+
1.6.x 6-8 7+ 7+
1.7.x 6-8 8+ 8+

HBase compatibility table:

Pinpoint Version HBase 0.94.x HBase 0.98.x HBase 1.0.x HBase 1.1.x HBase 1.2.x
1.0.x yes no no no no
1.1.x no not tested yes not tested not tested
1.5.x no not tested yes not tested not tested
1.6.x no not tested not tested not tested yes
1.7.x no not tested not tested not tested yes

Agent compatibility table:

Agent Version Collector 1.0.x Collector 1.1.x Collector 1.5.x Collector 1.6.x Collector 1.7.x
1.0.x yes yes yes yes yes
1.1.x not tested yes yes yes yes
1.5.x no no yes yes yes
1.6.x no no not tested yes yes
1.7.x no no no no yes

Pinpoint Web Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome


To set up your very own Pinpoint instance you can either download the build results from our latest release, or manually build from your Git clone. Take a look at our installation guide for further instructions.


For feature requests and bug reports, feel free to post them here.
Please take a look at for some guidelines that'll help us understand your issues better.

User Group

For Q/A and discussion here.


We have a wiki page for roadmap, user guide, and some documentation. We welcome any documentation contribution.


We welcome any and all suggestions.

For plugin development, take a look at our plugin development guide, along with plugin samples project to get an idea of how we do instrumentation. The samples will provide you with example codes to help you get started.
Please follow our guideline when making pull-requests for new plugins.

For all pull-requests, make sure you've read through and note that you will have to complete a CLA for your first pull-request.

We would love to see additional tracing support for libraries such as Storm, HBase, as well as profiler support for additional languages (.NET, C++).

Google Analytics

The web module has google analytics attached that tracks the number and the order of button clicks in the server map, transaction list, and the inspector view.

This data is used to better understand how users interact with the Web UI which gives us valuable information in improving Pinpoint Web's user experience. To disable this for any reason, set the following option to false in for your web instance.



Pinpoint is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for full license text.

Copyright 2017 NAVER Corp.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


Pinpoint is an open source APM (Application Performance Management) tool for large-scale distributed systems written in Java.







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