An open source plugin for CKEditor to upload images.
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An open source plugin for CKEDITOR to upload images saved on your local machine.

How to install?

  •  Click on download button, rename the folder to simage and add the entire simage folder into CKEditor plugins folder.

  • Add simage in toolbar configuration with your config.js file to make the simage button visible on your CKEditor toolbar.

  • You can use this plugin with CKEDITOR. You need to configure the end point where you want to store the images uploaded using this plugin. Add it in your config.js as follows:

     CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins: 'simage'  //to enable to plugin
     CKEDITOR.config.imageUploadURL: <INSERT URL>
     CKEDITOR.config.dataParser: func(data)
  • The dataParser attribute expects a function with a parameter in which you should pass the data returned by the endpoint that you have configured (imageUploadURL) . This function is expected to return a url. This url will be set to the src attribute of image html element.

  • Example response by imageUploadURL endpoint:

     	url: 'imageUrl'
  • Example dataParser code:

     	if (data){
     		var keys = Object.keys(data)
     		return data[keys[0]].url
  • You can also use srcset attribute to display the image based on resolution of the display. To read more about srcset refer to: Link to read more about srcset This is optional, in case you don't specify srcset attribute in config.js, it will pick up the image from src which is set by the return value of dataParser function. srcSet attribute should be configured to be a function which returns the expected string that you want to set in srcset html attribute. Response returned by the endpoint that you have configured is passed to this function as an argument. Add the following statement in config.js to enable srcset:

    config.srcSet: func(data)

  • Example of data expected by srcset function

     	1x: {url:'imageUrl', ...},
     	2x: {url:'imageUrl', ...},
     	3x: {url:'imageUrl', ...},
     	4x: {url:'imageUrl', ...},
     	original: {url:'someurl', ...}
  • Example srcSet function:

     		var keys = Object.keys(data).splice(1)
     		var str = ''
     		keys.forEach(function(key, i){
     			str += data[key].url + ' ' + (keys.length - i) + 'x, '
     		return str.slice(0, -2)

The above function should return a string of the following form: "image-1x.png 1x, image-2x.png 2x, image-3x.png 3x, image-4x.png 4x"

  • You can listen to preventFormSubmit event to do anything while the image is uploading. For example, this can be a hook to display a wait icon while the image is uploading. Similarly, you can use the event enableFormSubmit to perform any action after image has successfully uploaded or the image upload failed. For example, you can remove the wait icon at this point.