A Redmine plugin that allows you to manage contracts and associate time-entries with those contracts.
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A Redmine plugin for managing the time/money being spent on client contracts.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Create and store client contracts
  • Visualize how much time/money has been spent on a particular contract
  • Associate time entries with specific contracts

Special thanks to UpgradeYa for funding this project.


Option 1 - Download zip

  1. Download the zip (for Redmine 2 you will need to download the v1.3.1 zip from the github releases page)
  2. Unzip the redmine-contracts-with-time-tracking-plugin-master folder, rename it to contracts, and place it in the redmine plugins folder.
  3. run 'rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production' from your redmine root directory

Option 2 - Git clone

  1. Run 'git clone https://github.com/upgradeya/redmine-contracts-with-time-tracking-plugin.git plugins/contracts' from your redmine root directory
  • Note : use 'git submodule add' instead of 'git clone' if your install folder is part of a git project.
  1. This step is only for Redmine 2 - After you run the git command above, cd into the contracts directory and run 'git checkout tags/v1.3.1'
  2. run 'rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production' from your redmine root directory


View all contracts for a project:

view contracts for project

View contract details:

view contract details

Create and edit contracts:

create and edit contracts

Set permisisons:

manage permissions


Contracts v2.2 2017-3-6

  • Added a recurring contract option so you that can have fixed contracts created automatically each month or year.

Contracts v2.2 2017-2-7

  • Added a 'Fixed Price' contract type that calculates your effective rate and hides hourly information from your client (in permissions uncheck 'View spent time ').
  • Added a summary tab that shows the cumulative time spent on each issue within that contract.
  • Fixed the no confirmation for deletion bug.

Contracts v2.1 2016-3-5

  • Renamed the expenses database table name to prevent conflicts with other redmine plugins

Contracts v2.0 2016-1-9

  • Contracts plugin is now Redmine 3 compatible

Contracts v1.3.1, 2015-12-27

  • Implemented new feature to lock contracts. This can be used to prevent old contracts and their time entries from accidentally being edited.
  • Locked contracts are hidden from new time entry dropdowns
  • Implementing caching on locked contracts to decrease load time on the contract pages.

Contracts v1.2.0, 2015-12-14

  • On contract form the fields are now inline and date fields use calendar widget. Required fields are now marked. Any validations will re-populate the screen with previous data.
  • Adding a time entry selects last created contract. Used to use start and end date. For sub-projects it selects the last created contract within the sub-project if a contract exists. Also fixed for expenses. Currently there is no way to add expense in sub-project to the parent contract if there are no sub-project contracts.
  • New Agreement Pending - (basically just not marking that field as required) Agreed on date shows agreement pending on contract list and detail page. Date range is not shown when agreement is pending.
  • If they have auto-contract creation enabled, a time entry that exceeds the remaining contract will auto-create a new contract and submit a time entry to the new contract with the remaining time.
  • Discussion on the title. Fixed title format. Auto-increments based on all the projects IDs. Need to add a per project identifier so the auto-increment is project based and not entire redmine based.