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import sys
import os
from optparse import OptionParser
import hashlib
Compare the rpms in the given directories, if they are the same by chksum, hardlink them
build up a hash of seen rpms and chksum's, compare and link if equal.
extra credit - when not equal store the new hash and location into a new entry.
global hashSums
global options
global count
global space
hashSums = {}
count = 0
space = 0
def human_size(size,precision=2):
suffixIndex = 0
while size > 1024:
suffixIndex += 1
size = size/1024.0
return "%.*f%s" % (precision,size,suffixes[suffixIndex])
def chksum_file(path):
"""compute chksum for file, insert into hash"""
global options
if options.debug:
print(" -> computing chksum for %s" % path)
hash = hashlib.sha1(open(path).read())
print "Error: problem hashing %s" % path
return -1
return hash.hexdigest()
def find_file(filename,path,chksumX):
"""look for file in hash, return chksum,path tuple"""
global options
global hashSums
(pathY,chksumY) = hashSums[filename]
if options.debug:
print( " -> found %s at %s" % (filename,pathY))
return (pathY,chksumY)
hashSums[filename] = (path,chksumX)
if options.debug:
print(" -> storing %s in hashSums" % filename)
return (-1,-1)
def walk_dir(path):
"""look for all rpms in a path, check if they can be hardlinked along the way"""
for root,dirs,files in os.walk(path):
for dir in dirs:
for file in files:
# file should be rpm
if file[len(file)-4:] == '.rpm':
def hardlink(filename,path1,path2):
"""hard link path2 to path1, remove path2 first, then hardlink"""
global options
global count
global space
if options.debug:
print "linking %s in %s to %s" % (filename,path1,path2)
path1 = "%s/%s" % (path1,filename)
path2 = "%s/%s" % (path2,filename)
inodeX = os.stat(path1).st_ino
inodeY = os.stat(path2).st_ino
print "Error: problem getting inode for %s or %s" % (path1,path2)
return -1
if inodeX != inodeY:
count = count + 1
space = space + os.stat(path2).st_size
print "Error: could not link %s to %s" % (path1,path2)
return -1
return 0
def check_file(filename,path):
"""get chksum for the file, look for it in hash, hardlink if appropriate"""
chksumX = chksum_file("%s/%s" % (path,filename))
(pathY,chksumY) = find_file(filename,path,chksumX)
if chksumX == chksumY:
if __name__ == "__main__":
usage = """usage: %prog [options] path [path2 path3 ...]\nwalk through path looking for rpms that can be hardlinked to one another"""
parser = OptionParser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option('-v','--verbose',dest='verbose',help='verbose output',action='store_true')
parser.add_option('-d','--debug',dest='debug',help='debugging output',action='store_true')
(options,args) = parser.parse_args()
if not args:
parser.error('at least one path must be given')
if options.verbose: print "hardlinking rpms in ",
for path in args:
if options.verbose: print path +" ",
if options.verbose:
print "done.\nlinked %s rpms saving %s." % (count,human_size(space))