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Uphold SDK for JavaScript

This SDK is built on top of the Uphold API and it's designed to help developers integrate Uphold services into their applications, by making it easier for them to interact with the API in a clean and controlled manner.

It provides developers the facilities to handle authentication, requests, pagination and error handling.


Please consult the documentation website for a more detailed specification of the SDK and its modules:

Supported platforms

This SDK can be used on both browser and Node.js environments.

There are no major dependencies other than the fact that it uses the Fetch API to perform network requests, which some browsers do not yet support.

However, you can easily cover your bases by adding a polyfill. If this is a solution you are not comfortable with then please consult the Client documentation and follow the instructions on how to override it.


In this section we feature a simple usage example:

import SDK from '@uphold/uphold-sdk-javascript';

const sdk = new SDK({
  clientId: 'foo',
  clientSecret: 'bar'

  .then(() => sdk.getMe())
  .then(user => {


Below you can consult the list of available options you can pass to the SDK constructor:

Key Required Default Description
accessTokenKey No uphold.access_token Key used to store the access_token
baseUrl No Uphold API's url
clientId Yes Your client id
clientSecret Yes Your client secret
itemsPerPage No 10 Pagination size
refreshTokenKey No uphold.refresh_token Key used to store the refresh_token
version No v0 Uphold API's version


To install the SDK just type into your terminal:

$ npm install @uphold/uphold-sdk-javascript

Or, if you're using yarn:

$ yarn add @uphold/uphold-sdk-javascript

Feedback, bugs & contributions

Contributions are welcome, consult the guidelines for contributing for instructions.