Transparent proxy match/action plugin for Uplink SPE BRAS kernel module
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Uplink SPE tproxy plugin module

This module is a live example of a plugin module running with Uplunk Subscriber Policy Engine (Uplink SPE). Uplink SPE ( is an implementation of software BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server), working as a Linux kernel module. While Uplink SPE is a proprietary solution, this plugin comes as GPL-licenced to allow anyone extend actions/matches/NAT.


Before compiling this module, you need to :

  1. obtain a USPE.Module.symvers file from your Uplink SPE distribution. Make sure you have same Uplink SPE version AND Linux kernel version.
  2. copy obtained USPE.Module.symvers into mod_tproxy folder
  3. run ./configure to create Makefile
  4. run make to build plugin kernel module
  5. run make install to install kernel module
  6. run depmod -a
  7. now you can load module using modprobe

Also, to make this plugin work with uspe-client tool, you would need to compile user-space libs, located in lib directory. Here is how it's done :

  1. Change into directory ./lib
  2. run autoreconf -i
  3. run ./configure
  4. run make
  5. run make install
  6. done!