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Java library for Uploadcare.
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This is a Java library for Uploadcare.

Supported features:

  • Complete file and project APIs v0.4
  • Paginated resources are fetched as List<T>
  • CDN path builder
  • File uploads from local storages, byte arrays or URLs


The latest stable version of the lib is available from Maven Central.

Including it in your build is done through adding the following to the <dependencies /> section of your project's pom.xml file.



Don't forget to grab your API keys prior to trying out the examples.

Basic API Usage

Client client = new Client("publickey", "privatekey");
Project project = client.getProject();
Project.Collaborator owner = project.getOwner();

List<URI> published = new ArrayList<URI>();
Iterable<File> files = client.getFiles().asIterable();
for (File file : files) {
    if (file.isMadePublic()) {

Check out the docs for details:

Building CDN URLs

File file = client.getFile("85b5644f-e692-4855-9db0-8c5a83096e25");
CdnPathBuilder builder = file.cdnPath()
        .cropCenter(200, 200)
URI url = Urls.cdn(builder);

Check out the docs for details:

File uploads

Client client = Client.demoClient(); file = new"olympia.jpg");
Uploader uploader = new FileUploader(client, sourceFile);
try {
    File file = uploader.upload().save();
} catch (UploadFailureException e) {
    System.out.println("Upload failed :(");

Check out the docs for details:


See AUTHORS.txt and here.

Security issues

If you think you ran into something in Uploadcare libraries which might have security implications, please hit us up at or Hackerone.

We'll contact you personally in a short time to fix an issue through co-op and prior to any public disclosure.

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