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File Uploader by Uploadcare

This plugin powers your NetlifyCMS with Uploadcare. You will be able to:

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Check out how it works via the demo based on netlify-templates/one-click-hugo-cms.

Just log in using the following credentials:

  • Email: demo@netlify.cms
  • Password: demo

The source code of our demo can be found here.


This plugin can be installed via NPM:

npm install uploadcare-netlifycms --save


Just import and initialize uploadcare-netlifycms:

import CMS from "netlify-cms";
import uploadcare from "uploadcare-netlifycms";


Note, uploadcare-netlifycms should be initialized after importing netlify-cms.


There is only one required option, your public API key. You can get one by signing up for Uploadcare. Another option is using demopublickey for testing purposes. But note, we are wiping out all files on our demo account every few hours.

  effectsTab: true,
  widgetOptions: {
    publickey: "yourpublickey"

The effectsTab property specifies whether in-browser image editing should be enabled. widgetOptions get passed to the widget. Check out our widget docs to learn more about its options.

Usage with your editor component

You can implement our widget in your Editor Component as a field:

  fields: [
      name: "fileInfo",
      options: {
        multiple: true
      label: "Uploadcare",
      widget: "uploadcare"

uploadcare stands for the widget type, it’s a constant.

options are passed to the widget. Learn more about options in the widget docs.

fileInfo stands for the widget value name. It follows the widget’s fileInfo structure. When restored from a markdown block, it will at least contain the cdnUrl and name properties: they are used for a preview.

Security issues

If you think you ran into something in Uploadcare libraries which might have security implications, please hit us up at or Hackerone.

We'll contact you personally in a short time to fix an issue through co-op and prior to any public disclosure.


Issues and PRs are welcome. You can provide your feedback or drop us a support request at