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Uploadcare TinyMCE Plugin

This is Uploadcare plugin for TinyMCE text editor. It will allow your users to upload files and images from local device, social networks, cloud storages without any backend code that is usually required to handle uploads.


  • TinyMCE 4+


Clone plugin from git to your plugins directory:

git clone git:// plugins/uploadcare

Add the plugin and its button while initializing TinyMCE:

  plugins : ["uploadcare,..."],
  toolbar : "... | link image uploadcare"


Find "config.js" file and add your settings there.

Required setting

There is only one - your public API key. You can get that by creating an account Uploadcare. You can use demo public key during dev stage, but note that demo account files are removed every few hours.

var UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY = "demopublickey";

Useful settings


Set widget locale. Should be set as global variable:



You can enable custom crop in the widget. After a user selects a file she will be able to crop it, according to your settings. Original file will be uploaded to your project, but additional crop operations will be included in resulting image URL.

Crop options is a string with one or more crop presets. Presets are divided by commas. When more than one preset is defined, user can pick any of them on crop step. Each preset consists of a size definition and optional keyword.

  • "disabled" — crop is disabled. Can't be combined with other presets;
  • "" or "free" — crop enabled and the user will be able to select any area on an image;
  • "2:3" — user will be able to select an area with aspect ratio 2:3;
  • "300x200" — same as previous, but if the selected area is bigger than 300x200, it will be scaled down to these dimensions;
  • "300x200 upscale" — same as previous, but the selected area will be scaled even if it is smaller than the specified size;
  • "300x200 minimum" — user will not be able to select an area smaller than 300x200. If uploaded image is smaller than 300x200 itself, it will be upscaled.
<script type="text/javascript">
  UPLOADCARE_CROP = '4:3, 3:4';

Tabs (Upload Sources)

The widget can upload files from disk, URLs, and many social sites. Each upload source has its own tab in the widget dialog.

A full list of tabs supported in the latest widget version (2.5.1) is provided below.

Code File Source Default
file Local disk On
camera Local webcam On
url Any URL On
facebook Facebook On
gdrive Google Drive On
dropbox Dropbox On
instagram Instagram On
evernote Evernote On
flickr Flickr On
skydrive OneDrive On
box Box Off
vk VK Off

The set can be reconfigured by specifying the ones you need in a space-separated value. Special value all can be used to enable all supported sources.

<script type="text/javascript">
  UPLOADCARE_TABS = 'file url instagram flickr';

Other settings

All Uploadcare widget settings are too numerous to be listed here, please read Uploadcare widget documentation to unleash full uploading power.


  1. Press "Uploadcare" button.
  2. Select a file to upload.
  3. An image or a file link will appear in editor