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File Uploader by Uploadcare

This is a plugin for WordPress, that powers beautiful websites for businesses, professionals, and bloggers, providing it for working with Uploadcare Widget.

The plugin allows WordPress users to upload media from their devices, social media, cloud storage, and more, check out this article for details.

GitHub release  Uploadcare stack on StackShare


  • Wordpress 3.5+
  • PHP 5.3+
  • php-curl


In Wordpress

Installing WP plugin

Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release. The download is a ZIP archive holding the plugin together with all of its dependencies.
  2. Unzip the archive to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin on your "Plugins" page in a WordPress admin area.
  4. Go to "Settings" -> "Uploadcare settings" and set your public and secret API. The keys are used to identify an Uploadcare project your uploaded media will go to. Please note, you can use demopublickey and demoprivatekey for testing purposes. The keys point to the demo Uploadcare account where all the files are wiped out every 24 hours. To acquire your own keys, you will need to create an Uploadcare account. The provided link will navigate you to creating a FREE one.
  5. Make a new post. That is it!


  1. Start adding a new post.
  2. Press "Add Media" to insert any media with Uploadcare Widget.
  3. Upload a file using the widget.
  4. When uploading images, you can edit them right in your mobile or desktop browser. This adds the modified image to your post. You can learn more about in-browser image editing here.
  5. Press "Store and Insert." You are there: an image gets added to your post.


Widget configuration

Uploadcare Widget can be deeply customized to suit your UX/UI. You can define allowed upload sources, implement file validation, and more.

Use our live widget sandbox as a starting point and consider checking out the docs on widget configuration and its JavaScript API.


This list of contributors is based on the git history of this repo.

Gray Hound https://github.com/grayhound

Dmitry Mukhin https://github.com/dmitry-mukhin

Nikolay Zherdev https://github.com/ZNick1982

Dmitry Petrov https://github.com/dimaninc

Zarema Khalilova https://github.com/Zmoki

Elijah https://github.com/dayton1987

Igor Debatur https://github.com/igordebatur

Roman Sedykh https://github.com/rsedykh

Siarhei Bautrukevich https://github.com/bautrukevich

All contributors

Security issues

If you think you ran into something in Uploadcare libraries which might have security implications, please hit us up at bugbounty@uploadcare.com or Hackerone.

We'll contact you personally in a short time to fix an issue through co-op and prior to any public disclosure.


Issues and PRs are welcome. You can provide your feedback or drop us a support request at hello@uploadcare.com.