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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based now on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[2.6.0] — 2018-06-07


  • The data-integration attribute to the widget reporting its version together with the library version used.
  • User Agent reports library and integration versions used.





  • Fixed file duplication on upload
  • Fixed widget effects tab settings



  • Fixed missed "Fine tuning" setup for widget
  • Test up to Wordpress 4.9.4



  • Fixed initialization warnings in utils.php module



  • Test up to Wordpress 4.9.1
  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 3.x
  • Added In-browser image editing and filters
  • Added storing Uploadcare images localy on your WordPress host



  • Minor bug fix for usage jQuery.
  • Test up to Wordpress 4.7.2



  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 2.6.0
  • Test up to Wordpress 4.4.2
  • update uploadcare-php lib



  • Fix "add via uploadcare" button in media library



  • Fix plugin activation message on PHP 5.2-



  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 1.4.2
  • Test up to Wordpress 4.0
  • Add 'de' locale
  • Check PHP version and php-curl lib on plugin activation



  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 1.2.0
  • Add Flickr support
  • Add 'da' locale
  • Add source tab setting



  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 1.0.1
  • Update underlying uploadcare-php
  • Ditch support of php-5.2
  • Add Uploadcare button to default media library uploader

[2.0.1]### 1 (Download)

  • Add custom post type "User Images"
  • Add [uploadcare] shortcode, that shows widget for users. Uploaded images are attached to post and are saved as "User Images"
  • Remove custom Featured Images meta box. Build in should work with attachments.
  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 0.18.1

[2.0.1]### 0 (Download)

  • Fix Featured Images.



  • Uploadcare media library tab now shows all files from your Uploadcare account (project)
  • Allow cropping when inserting images via Uploadcare media library tab
  • Make Wordpress attachment when uploading file via "Add Media" button This should impove Uploadcare integration with Wordpress and 3rd party plugins



  • Fix pagination in media tab



  • Support featured images via Uploadcare
  • New setting "Use Uploadcare for featured images".
  • Bugfixes



  • New setting "Allow multiupload".
  • New setting "Uploadcare widget fine tuning".
  • Uploadcare widget updated to version 0.12
  • Bugfixes



  • New setting "Insert image with url to the original image".


  • New plugin with new widget (0.7) and manual crop.


  • Widget update.
  • Manual crop.


  • Bugfix


  • Bugfix


  • More operations form validation
  • Fixed files deletion.
  • "Files" are shown as an Uploadcare logo.
  • Header is not displayed for Wordpress 3.5, updated for new "Add Media"


  • Operation values no longer nulled when operations type is changed.
  • Insert files, not only images.
  • Opration values no longer nulled when operations type is changed.


  • Scale crop and Resize are radio buttons now, not checkboxes.
  • Fixed script, showing "Store" button.


  • Uploadcare widget updated to 0.5.0. Added facebook and
  • "Store" button is hidden until file is selected.
  • Uploaded files are saved in database.
  • Uploadcare file list uses only saved files, not all the files from Uploadcare account.
  • "Crop" operations is deleted.
  • "Resize" and "Scale Crop" cannot be used at the same time.
  • Minor fixes.


  • New tab: Uploadcare Files * select previously uploaded files.
  • "Uploadcare" admin menu: view and delet previously uploaded files.


  • readme.txt added


  • Initial release. Implements Uploadcare tab.