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if 0 | endif
language message C
" Very very high speed! ~300ms
" set shell=/bin/sh
augroup myac
" autocmd FileType,Syntax,BufNewFile,BufNew,BufRead * call s:on_filetype()
augroup END
let g:working_register = 'p'
" After 7.4.2071, can use v:t_*
let g:type_func = type(function('getline'))
let g:type_int = type(0)
let g:type_float = type(0.0)
let g:type_str = type('')
let g:type_list = type([])
let g:type_dic = type({})
if exists('v:null')
let g:type_bool = type(v:true)
let g:type_null = type(v:null)
function! s:source(path) "{{{
let fpath = expand('~/.vim/' . a:path . '.vim')
if filereadable(fpath)
execute 'source' fnameescape(fpath)
endfunction "}}}
function! s:on_filetype() abort "{{{
if execute('filetype') =~# 'OFF'
filetype plugin indent on
syntax enable
filetype detect
endfunction "}}}
let $CACHE = expand('~/.cache')
if !isdirectory($CACHE)
call mkdir($CACHE, 'p')
" #release keymaps"{{{
let mapleader = ';'
nnoremap Q <Nop>
nnoremap ; <Nop>
xnoremap ; <Nop>
nnoremap , <Nop>
xnoremap , <Nop>
nnoremap s <Nop>
xnoremap s <Nop>
nnoremap gs <Nop>
xnoremap gs <Nop>
nnoremap gR <Nop>
xnoremap gR <Nop>
nnoremap g8 <Nop>
xnoremap g8 <Nop>
nnoremap g<C-G> <Nop>
xnoremap g<C-G> <Nop>
call s:source('before')
" load dein
if !exists('g:noplugin')
call s:source('dein')
call s:source('opts')
call s:source('functions')
call s:source('keymaps')
call s:source('highlights')
call s:source('commands')
call s:source('autocmds')
filetype plugin indent on
syntax enable
" ftdetectいらなそう
" call s:on_filetype()
" #filetype config "{{{
augroup myac
au FileType html,css setl foldmethod=indent | setl foldlevel=20
au FileType qf,help,vimconsole,diff,ref-* nnoremap <silent><buffer>q :quit<cr>
au FileType conf,gitcommit,html,css set nocindent
au StdinReadPost * call s:stdin_config()
au VimEnter * call s:vimenter()
au FileType gundo,vimfiler,quickrun setl foldcolumn=0
au FileType gundo,vimfiler,quickrun,help,diff if has('patch-7.4.2201') | setl signcolumn=no | endif
" preview window {{{
if exists('##OptionSet')
au OptionSet previewwindow,diff call s:quit_map()
function! s:quit_map() abort
if &previewwindow || &diff
nnoremap <silent><buffer>q :quit<cr>
function! s:stdin_config() "{{{
nnoremap <buffer>q :quit<CR>
setl buftype=nofile
setl nofoldenable
setl foldcolumn=0
silent! %foldopen!
endfunction "}}}
function! s:vimenter() "{{{
if argc() == 0
setl buftype=nowrite
elseif argc() == 1 && !exists('g:swapname')
" many side effect.
" e.g invalid behavior smart_quit() of vimfiler.
" e.g swap, grep
" lcd %:p:h
endfunction "}}}
augroup END
call s:source('after')