Bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster on AWS using Terraform and kubeadm
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kubeadm quickstart on aws

This is a quickstart to get running with the new kubeadm tool which delivered in Kubernetes 1.4. Please see docs here for information about this new tool:

The goal of this project is to build out a simple cluster on AWS utilizing Terraform to build out infrastructure, then use kubeadm to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

How it works

The terraform script builds out a new VPC in your account and 3 corresponding subnets. It will also provision an internet gateway and setup a routing table to allow internet access.

NOTE: This isn't ready for production!

Run it!

  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  • Install Terraform
  • Generate token: python -c 'import random; print "%0x.%0x" % (random.SystemRandom().getrandbits(3*8), random.SystemRandom().getrandbits(8*8))'
  • Generate ssh keys: ssh-keygen -f k8s-test
  • Run terraform plan: terraform plan -var k8s-ssh-key="$(cat" -var 'k8stoken=<token>'
  • Build out infrastructure: terraform apply -var k8s-ssh-key="$(cat" -var 'k8stoken=<token>'
  • ssh to kube master and run something: ssh ubuntu@$(terraform output master_dns) -i k8s-test
  • Done!


Built by UPMC Enterprises in Pittsburgh, PA.