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0.0.34 Alpha Release

Shooting for a launch by Sep 5. Who knows.

  • Remove external server dependencies

    • Add local color selection instead of using server.
    • Remove Algolia search code for now
    • Add search and basic filters.
  • Make model save/update work again

  • Update datetime partial to set AM/PM initially and clean up time. Maybe push to v2

  • Actions, sweet sexy actions. Mmmmm.

    • Some way for devs to declare actions - prob upmin_actions in the model.
    • Views for actions
    • Handle empty fields - assume no arg for now. Need to add a way to send empty string later.

0.0.35 Alpha (maybe beta?) Release

  • Clean up the code (a lot)!
    • Nodes should probably be replaced. They aren't really necessary in the current version and could be replaced with a nice clean implementation of Upmin::Model and Upmin::ModelInstance

    • Things like product_id probably shouldn't be shown on forms when the relation is shown as well.

    • Add a way to update associations with more than just an id. Maybe a modal that you can search for or create a model instance.

    • Add a way to add/remove relationships - eg Products may have 3 items adn you might want to add 2 and remove 1.

    • All the search things need to be more extensible.

      • Search boxes need to be more extensible.
      • Search fields need to be more extensible.
      • Search results need to be more extensible.
    • Actions results need to be extensible

      • make this use partials that can be overridden.
    • Needs more 🐮 🔔

      • Specifically, we should probably add some generators to copy over partials rather than forcing people to check them out on github. That woudl be sweet.
    • Authentication aside from user-defined auth on the routes? Eh, maybe. Who knows. Let me know if you need it.

    • Actions/Methods

      • Logs for actions - will need a db migration.
      • Some way to handle things like hashes ets as args
      • Add some support for default values for actions. Maybe merb, but that may cause issues with varying installs. Might be easier to use something like a method named <method_name>_default_args and have it return a hash. This might also help solve the way to do hashes and other types of args for methods that arent' strings.
      • Naming consistencty between method/action. Method may be easier since it isnt a reserved param for paths.
      • empty string for req arg needs to be supported

0.1.0 Beta

1.0.0 non-beta winning omg

A long way to go for this :\