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Shareable eslint config for uport libraries
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uPort Shared ESLint Configs

An ESLint shareable config based on standardjs and using prettier for formatting.


Install this module as a dev dependency.

npm i -D eslint-config-uport

Install the peer dependencies of this module as dev dependencies.

npm i -D eslint babel-eslint eslint-config-prettier eslint-config-standard eslint-plugin-prettier prettier

Install the remaining peer dependencies of eslint-config-standard as dev dependencies.

npm i -D eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-node eslint-plugin-promise eslint-plugin-standard

Create .eslintrc.js in the root folder of your project and extend this configuration.

module.exports = {
  extends: 'uport',
  rules: {
    // configure your own custom rules

Add the following scripts to your package.json

"scripts": {
  "lint": "eslint ./src",
  "format": "eslint --fix ./src"

VSCode Support

In order to allow the formatting to be handled through eslint along with automatic fixes when saving, you should disable the Prettier extension and make sure the eslint extension is enabled. Add the following configurations to your User Settings json:

  "editor.formatOnSave": false,
  "eslint.autoFixOnSave": true,
  "eslint.alwaysShowStatus": true
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