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Merge pull request #53 from uport-project/fix-verReq

Fixed verReq spec
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pelle committed May 1, 2019
2 parents 8d944cd + 1595291 commit 4ff778ff87499391ed5bfc320add67c9f4c48b16
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@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ Name | Description | Required
`callback` | Callback URL for returning the response to a request (may be deprecated in future) | no
`riss` | The DID of the identity you want to sign the Verified Claim | no
`rexp` | Requested expiry time in seconds | no
QmSCnmXC91Arz2gj934Ce4DeR7d9fULWRepjzGMX6SSazB"}}` or the IPFS Hash of a JSON encoded equivalent. See [Issuer Claims](/messages/ | no
`vc` | Array of Verified Claims JWTs or IPFS hash of JSON encoded equivalent about the `iss` of this message. See [Issuer Claims](/messages/ and [Verified Claims](/messages/ | no

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