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uPort Identity Contracts

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Contract documentation

This repository contains the contracts currently in use by uPort. This is also where you find the addresses of these contracts currently deployed on Mainnet and relevant test networks. Below you can find descriptions of each of the contracts and the rationale behind the design decisions.

Proxy | TxRelay | IdentityManager | MetaIdentityManager

  1. Using the contracts
  2. Testing the contracts
  3. Contract interactions
  4. Deploying contracts to a private network

Contract Deployments

Mainnet (id: 1)

Contract Address
IdentityManager 0x22a4d688748845e9d5d7394a0f05bc583adf4656
TxRelay 0xec2642cd5a47fd5cca2a8a280c3b5f88828aa578
MetaIdentityManager 0x27500ae27b6b6ad7de7d64b1def90f3e6e7ced47

Rinkeby testnet (id: 4)

Contract Address
IdentityManager 0x19aece3ae41ee33c30f331906b7e4bb578946a55
TxRelay 0xda8c6dce9e9a85e6f9df7b09b2354da44cb48331
MetaIdentityManager 0x87ea811785c4bd30fc104c2543cf8ed90f7eeec7

Kovan testnet (id: 42)

Contract Address
IdentityManager 0xdb55d40684e7dc04655a9789937214b493a2c2c6
TxRelay 0xa9235151d3afa7912e9091ab76a36cbabe219a0c
MetaIdentityManager 0x737f53c0cebf0acd1ea591685351b2a8580702a5

Ropsten testnet (id: 3)

Contract Address
IdentityManager 0x27500ae27b6b6ad7de7d64b1def90f3e6e7ced47
TxRelay 0xa5e04cf2942868f5a66b9f7db790b8ab662039d5
MetaIdentityManager 0xbdaf396ce9b9b9c42cd40d37e01b5dbd535cc960


Want to contribute to uport-contracts? Cool, please read our contribution guidelines to get an understanding of the process we use for making changes to this repo.