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Lightweight uport registry lookup DEPRECATED
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Light weight library for fetching public uPort profiles

A uPort is an ethereum address representing an identity of a person, thing or other entitity. We are using the MNID address encoding scheme to safely support multiple networks.

A public profile is stored on ipfs at a hash registered in the uPortRegistry.

This library aims to let developers look up a profile for a given ethereum address and nothing else. It is designed to be tiny, so you can easily add uport functionality to non Ethereum apps.


By default it uses the uport registry on the ropsten network as well as infura ipfs and jsonRpc gateways.

import UportLite from 'uport-lite'

// UportLite is just a function returning a function. It is not a Class so don't use `new`
const registry = UportLite()

registry('2oVdmcz7BkWozm2JE4hHixRV8s5y3STqhPG', (error, profile) => {

You can configure it passing options to the function:

import UportLite from 'uport-lite'

const registry = UportLite({
  ipfsGw: '',
  infuraKey: 'INFURA_API_KEY',
  networks: {
    '0x94365e3b': {
      rpcUrl: 'https://private.chain/rpc',
      address: '0x0101....'

registry('5A8bRWU3F7j3REx3vkJWxdjQPp4tqmxFPmab1Tr', (error, profile) => {
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