start your apps using the same command
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Deprecated! Do not use

I have unpublished this from npm but am keeping it here for historic reasons. This was a novel idea, but soon after I discovered npm scripts which are a way better idea.


start your apps using the same command

How to use

> cd /path/to/your/app;
> start

if you are running start for the first time, it will prompt you about what to do

Behind the scenes

start creates a configuration file located at:


This file describe how to start an app or type of application.

    "apps": [
            "command": "node app.js",
            "directory": "/path/to/your/app"
            "command": "bin/",
            "directory": "/path/to/your/whatsis"

command is the command to run
directory is where the command is run

Genius, I know