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Sample for ASP.NET Core 1.0 with Mysql and Docker

This is a sample application for showing ASP.NET Core 1.0 with MYSQL backend and deployed using Docker and Docker-Compose

How to run?

Make sure you have the following tools installed

  • Docker for Mac/Windows
  • ASP.NET Core 1.0
  • Visual Studio Code
  • node, npm, bower, gulp

Make sure you have ready to connect dockerized host, connect your host

  • on macOS: eval $(docker-machine env {machine-name})
  • on Windows: @FOR /f "tokens=*" %i IN ('docker-machine env {machine-name}') DO @%i

Run the code

  • cd src/aspnet-mysql
  • docker-compose build
  • docker-compose up -d
  • docker-machine ip {machine-name}

Open your browser and navigate to http://{docker-machine ip}:5000

Docker Image Url


Detailed instructions can ben found on my blog

-docker4dotnet #1 前世今生 & 世界你好

-docker4dotnet #2 容器化主机

-docker4dotnet #3 .net猿和小鲸鱼的苹果山之旅

Video Demo

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