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doc: restore link to googlesource instead of github

Correction for 2a7f1eb as suggested by Dmitri and Andrew.

Change-Id: Ieefe96d488de8144ec674882c72367196a7671b5
Reviewed-by: Rob Pike <>
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n2vi committed Dec 2, 2019
1 parent 2a6f1eb commit e5f200a5136b1a1d932e07064f499e4179a800e2
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@@ -496,12 +496,12 @@ Install Go if you haven't
already ([]( and then run

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cd upspin
$ go install cmd/...

There are useful auxiliary commands and interfaces to various cloud storage
providers in ([](
providers in ([](
Guidelines for contributing back to the project are in a
[separate document](

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