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SBT plugin for openapi-generator


Add the following to your project/plugins.sbt:

resolvers += Resolver.url("Upstart Commerce", url(""))(

addSbtPlugin("org.upstartcommerce" % "sbt-openapi-generator" % "0.1.2") // Use the latest version from the badge above

and build.sbt:


Set openapiInputSpec setting to point to your OpenAPI specification file and openapiGeneratorName for a desired generator (list of supported generators is available here). Sources can then be generated using openapiGenerate task.

Available settings

The two mandatory settings are openapiInputSpec and openapiGeneratorName, SBT will complain if you don't provide those. All the other setting keys are optional or have defaults.

Setting Type Description
openapiAdditionalProperties Map[String, AnyRef] Sets additional properties that can be referenced by the mustache templates in the format of name=value,name=value
openapiApiNameSuffix Option[String] Suffix for the generated API files
openapiApiPackage Option[String] Package for generated API classes
openapiArtifactId Option[String] ArtifactId in generated code. This also becomes part of the generated library's filename
openapiArtifactVersion Option[String] Artifact version in generated code. This also becomes part of the generated library's filename
openapiAuth Option[String] Adds authorization headers when fetching the OpenAPI definitions remotely. Pass in a URL-encoded string of name:header with a comma separating multiple values
openapiConfigFile Option[File] Path to configuration file configuration file. It can be JSON or YAML
openapiEnableMinimalUpdate Boolean Only write output files that have changed
openapiEnablePostProcessFile Boolean Enable post-processing file using environment variables
openapiGenerateAliasAsModel Boolean Generate alias to map, array as models
openapiGeneratorName String Generator to use
openapiGitRepoId Option[String] Git repo ID, e.g. openapi-generator
openapiGitUserId Option[String] Git user ID, e.g. openapitools
openapiGroupId Option[String] GroupId in generated code
openapiHttpUserAgent Option[String] HTTP user agent, e.g. codegen_csharp_api_client, default to 'OpenAPI-Generator/{packageVersion}}/{language}'
openapiIgnoreFileOverride Option[String] Specifies an override location for the .openapi-generator-ignore file. Most useful on initial generation
openapiImportMappings Map[String, String] Specifies mappings between a given class and the import that should be used for that class in the format of type=import,type=import
openapiInputSpec URI Location of the OpenAPI spec, as URL or file (required)
openapiInstantiationTypes Map[String, String] Sets instantiation type mappings in the format of type=instantiatedType,type=instantiatedType. For example (in Java): array=ArrayList,map=HashMap. In other words array types will get instantiated as ArrayList in generated code
openapiInvokerPackage Option[String] Root package for generated code
openapiLanguageSpecificPrimitives Set[String] Specifies additional language specific primitive types in the format of type1,type2,type3,type3. For example: String,boolean,Boolean,Double
openapiLibrary Option[String] Library template (sub-template)
openapiLogToStderr Boolean write all log messages (not just errors) to STDERR. Useful for piping the JSON output of debug options (e.g. -DdebugOperations) to an external parser directly while testing a generator
openapiModelNamePrefix Option[String] Prefix that will be prepended to all model names
openapiModelNameSuffix Option[String] Suffix that will be appended to all model names
openapiModelPackage Option[String] Package for generated models
openapiOutputDir File Where to write the generated files (current dir by default)
openapiPackageName Option[String] Package for generated classes (where supported)
openapiReleaseNote Option[String] Release note, default to 'Minor update'
openapiRemoveOperationIdPrefix Boolean Remove prefix of operationId, e.g. config_getId => getId
openapiReservedWordsMappings Map[String, String] Specifies how a reserved name should be escaped to. Otherwise, the default _ is used. For example id=identifier
openapiSkipOverwrite Boolean Specifies if the existing files should be overwritten during the generation
openapiStrictSpecBehavior Boolean 'MUST' and 'SHALL' wording in OpenAPI spec is strictly adhered to. e.g. when false, no fixes will be applied to documents which pass validation but don't follow the spec
openapiSystemProperties Map[String, String] Sets specified system properties in the format of name=value,name=value (or multiple options, each with name=value)
openapiTemplateDir Option[File] Folder containing the template files
openapiTemplatingEngineName Option[String] Templating engine: "mustache" (default) or "handlebars" (beta)
openapiTypeMappings Map[String, String] Sets mappings between OpenAPI spec types and generated code types in the format of OpenAPIType=generatedType,OpenAPIType=generatedType. For example: array=List,map=Map,string=String
openapiValidateSpec Boolean Validate spec before code generation
openapiVerbose Boolean Verbose mode


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