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exposing the facebook session in the user so we can post to facebook

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1 parent 33145ea commit 0667d8fdd9b87fdd1b086c549bc4d8f00078e9bf @langalex langalex committed Jul 22, 2009
Showing with 12 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −4 lib/simple_facebook_connect/user.rb
  2. +5 −0 spec/lib/simple_facebook_connect/user_spec.rb
  3. +1 −2 spec/spec_helper.rb
@@ -4,14 +4,16 @@ class User
FIELDS = [:uid, :hometown_location, :first_name, :last_name, :current_location, :pic, :locale, :email_hashes, :about_me, :interests]
+ attr_reader :session
def initialize(uid, session)
@uid = uid
- populate(session)
+ @session = session
+ populate
- def populate(session)
-'facebook.users.getInfo', :fields => coma_seperated_fields, :uids => uid) do |response|
+ def populate
+'facebook.users.getInfo', :fields => coma_seperated_fields, :uids => uid) do |response|
FIELDS.each do |field|
instance_variable_set(:"@#{field}", response.first[field.to_s])
@@ -25,6 +25,11 @@
user.interests.should == 'snowboarding, philosophy, soccer, talking to strangers'
+ it "should expose the session" do
+ user =, @session)
+ user.session.should == @session
+ end
def user_info_response
[{"uid"=>"8055", "about_me"=>"This field perpetuates the glorification of the ego. Also, it has a character limit.", "activities"=>"Here: facebook, etc. There: Glee Club, a capella, teaching.", "affiliations"=>[{"nid"=>"50453093", "name"=>"Facebook Developers", "type"=>"work", "status"=>"", "year"=>""}], "birthday"=>"November 3", "books"=>"The Brothers K, GEB, Ken Wilber, Zen and the Art, Fitzgerald, The Emporer's New Mind, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar", "current_location"=>{"city"=>"Palo Alto", "state"=>"California", "country"=>"United States", "zip"=>"94303"}, "education_history"=>[{"name"=>"Harvard", "year"=>"2003", "concentrations"=>["Applied Mathematics", "Computer Science"]}], "email_hashes"=>["2781152470_9f9c29692798573d8c76eaaf053a1911"], "family"=>[{"family_elt_elt"=>"1394244902"}, {"family_elt_elt"=>"48703107"}, {"family_elt_elt"=>"1078767258"}, {"family_elt_elt"=>""}], "first_name"=>"Dave", "hometown_location"=>{"city"=>"York", "state"=>"Pennsylvania", "country"=>"United States"}, "hs_info"=>{"hs1_name"=>"Central York High School", "hs2_name"=>{}, "grad_year"=>"1999", "hs1_id"=>"21846", "hs2_id"=>"0"}, "is_app_user"=>"1", "has_added_app"=>"1", "interests"=>"snowboarding, philosophy, soccer, talking to strangers", "last_name"=>"Fetterman", "locale"=>"en_US", "meeting_for"=>["Friendship"], "meeting_sex"=>["female"], "movies"=>"Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, Fight Club, Dirty Work, Meet the Parents, My Blue Heaven, Office Space", "music"=>"New Found Glory, Daft Punk, Weezer, The Crystal Method, Rage, the KLF, Green Day, Live, Coldplay, Panic at the Disco, Family Force 5", "name"=>"Dave Fetterman", "notes_count"=>"0", "pic"=>"", "pic_big"=>"", "pic_small"=>"", "pic_square"=>"", "political"=>"Moderate", "profile_update_time"=>"1170414620", "quotes"=>"", "relationship_status"=>"In a Relationship", "religion"=>"", "sex"=>"male", "significant_other_id"=>nil, "status"=>{"message"=>"Fast Company, November issue, page 84", "time"=>"1193075616"}, "timezone"=>"-8", "tv"=>"cf. Bob Trahan", "wall_count"=>"121", "work_history"=>[{"location"=>{"city"=>"Palo Alto", "state"=>"CA", "country"=>"United States"}, "company_name"=>"Facebook", "position"=>"Software Engineer", "description"=>"Tech Lead, Facebook Platform", "start_date"=>"2006-01", "end_date"=>""}]}]
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
__DIR__ = File.dirname __FILE__
-$LOAD_PATH << __DIR__ + '/../lib'
+$LOAD_PATH.unshift __DIR__ + '/../lib'
require 'simple_facebook_connect'
require 'fileutils'
require 'rubygems'
Gem::RubyGemsVersion.inspect # without this the activerecord gem doesn't load on ruby 1.9 #WTF

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