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Hello World!

The fact that you're here means you want to read this cookbook or even add something to it. You're very welcome to do any of those things! :) This Readme is intended to help you get started.

What is this cookbook?

The cookbook you're looking at is a collection of best practices we, Android team of UPTech, use in our development workdays. As it's a book, it consists of chapters. Each chapter covers a specific topic in Android development. Some great examples include Architecture, CI and CD, Version Control, Animations, etc.

How to read:

Step 1. Find what you want to read about.

Step 2. Read it.

There is no step 3.

How to write

A bit more steps here, but don't worry, still not that many to close the page right away.

Step 1. Decide what the topic will be.

Step 2. Create a new branch from master, name it like chapter/your_topic.

Step 3. Add any files needed in that branch. Usually it's a file with all info you want to describe. We use markdown to make our text cool and readable.

3.a) If you need any additional files - please create a folder where you can put all files related to that chapter. For example:
 - Architecture/

Step 4. After you've finished adding information and you are ready to present your work to the team, create a Pull Request to master from your branch and request reviews from all team members on that PR. This is important, since we want everyone to use this cookbook and thus be aware of the recommendations we keep here.
Hint: you can easily do it by typing android in the reviewer's input and choosing uptechteam/android: it will automatically request reviews from all the Android team.

Step 5. After everyone approves your PR, feel free to merge your Pull Request and delete the branch.
There is no Step 6.

Congratulations, you just made the Android cookbook a bit better!


The collection of best practices for the Android team



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