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Full Stack Application built with React and Contentful Api
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RESORT - React Project

Full Stack App built with React and Contentful Api
Live Website

  • Clone or download it on your computer;
  • Sign up on Contentful and get your API Keys;
  • Create a .env.local file inside the main project folder and register the API Keys;
  • Create some rooms inside Contentful following 'data.js' file structure;
  • Finally run the app with npm start;
  • Have fun!

Building Process:



  1. 'create-react-app' and cleaning it up;
  2. install 'react-router-dom' and 'react-icons';
  3. add '_redirects' file for Netlify issues;
  4. add 'images' folder and 'data.js' inside 'src';

Routing and Pages


  1. create 'pages' folder and files 'Home', 'Rooms', 'SingleRoom' and 'Error';
  2. wrap the app in the BrowserRouter in 'index.js';
  3. create routes with Route and Switch in App.js;

Navbar Component


  1. create 'components' folder;
  2. touch 'components/Navbar.js';
  3. create Navbar using a Class Component and react-icons for the toggle button;

Hero Component


  1. create Hero Component with defaultProps for className;
  2. create Banner Component with 'title', 'subtitle' and 'children' props;

Services and Title Components


  1. create Services and Section Title Component;

RoomsContext, Featured Rooms and Loading Components


  1. setup 'context.js' and use the Context API;
  2. create 'FeaturedRooms.js' and start using RoomsContext;
  3. import 'data.js' inside 'context.js' and format the incoming data in a new object;
  4. create Loading Component with a gif;
  5. create Room Component and display a list of Rooms inside FeaturedRoom Component;

Single Room Page and Styled Hero Component


  1. create a function inside 'context.js' called getRoom with a 'slug' parameter to filter 'rooms' based on it;
  2. update 'SingleRoom.js' page with RoomContext;
  3. install styled-components to render Hero Component background dinamically;
  4. create 'StyledHero.js';

Rooms Page: Display Rooms section


  1. create 'RoomsContainer.js', 'RoomsFilter.js' and 'RoomsList.js';
  2. import 'RoomsConsumer' inside 'RoomsContainer.js' to work with Context inside a Functional Component (commented out inside file);
  3. create an HigherOrderComponent called 'withRoomConsumer' inside 'context.js' and imported it inside 'RoomsContainer.js';
  4. import 'Room' Component inside 'RoomList.js' and render one for each rooms;

Rooms Page: Filter Rooms section


  1. update state inside 'context.js' adding 'type', 'capacity', 'price', 'minPrice', 'maxPrice', 'minSize', 'maxSize', 'breakfast' and 'pets';
  2. set maxPrice and maxSize inside ComponentDidMount() in 'context.js';
  3. create handleChange() and filterRooms() inside 'context.js';
  4. import useContext inside 'RoomsFilter.js' to use RoomsContext;
  5. create getUnique() function inside 'RoomsFilter.js' and render <select> <options> dinamically;
  6. complete filterRooms() function inside the context for any type and complete the <form> in RoomsFilter.js;

Contentful Setup


  1. npm i contentful and create the 'Contentful.js' file;
  2. create the '.env.local' file to store api keys;
  3. update 'context.js' with 'Client';
  4. create getData() inside context.js to fetch data from Contentful Api;
  5. run it inside ComponentDidMount()

ScrollToTop Component


  1. 'react-router-dom' needs a 'scroll restoration' to work better, so create a 'ScrollToTop' Component;
  2. render it at the top of the 'App' in 'index.js' after <Router></ Router> 😉;

Deploy to Netlify

  1. the project is ready to be deployed on Netlify!
  2. live website link: mb78-react-resort
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