This plug-in can report on changes in a directory by many attributes.
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File and Directory Monitor

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Version Compatibility

  • File and Directory Monitor 4.11 - 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7
  • File and Directory Monitor 3.3 - 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, 5.2


This monitor can report the following Directory information: - Number of files matching a certain regular expression; - Largest file size that match that expression; - Age (in minutes) of the most recent file; - Most recent date of the latest file; - Most recent time of the latest file; - File name that was most recently modified

Supported Monitoring Stations

7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, 5.2

Supported Agents

Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX

Installation Notes

Install using the up.time Plugin Manager

For the agent files, follow the instructions below:

Agent Installation

POSIX: - Place the file in the directory /opt/uptime-agent/scripts/ (create the directory if needed) - Create/edit the following password file: /opt/uptime-agent/bin/.uptmpasswd - and add the following line to it: filedircheck /opt/uptime-agent/scripts/

WINDOWS: - Place the filedircheck-win-agent.vbs file in the uptime agent directory in a subdirectory called "scripts" (C:\program files\uptime software\up.time agent\scripts) (create the scripts directory if needed) - Open the uptime Agent Console (Start > up.time agent) and click on Advanced > Custom Scripts - Enter the following: Command Name: filedircheck Path to Script: cscript //nologo "C:\Program Files (x86)\uptime software\up.time agent\scripts\filedircheck-win-agent.vbs"



Input Variables

  • Directory

  • Search Sub Directories

  • File(s) (RegExp)

Output Variables

  • Size of File (Bytes)

  • Size of File (KB)

  • Size of File (MB)

  • Size of File (GB)

  • Size of File (TB)

  • Number of Matched Files in Directory

  • Minutes Old

  • Hours Old

  • Days Old

  • Response time

Languages Used

  • Shell/Batch

  • PHP

  • Perl