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up.time Capacity What If Gadget

Show your capacity till doomsday

Getting Started

This gadget is built using Grunt ~0.4.1.

  1. Install Node Packaging Modules

  2. Go to the repository on the commandline and type:

npm install -g grunt-cli

This will setup Grunt.

  1. To download all the dependencies required for the gadget project, type:
npm install

If you run into any issues, please be sure to check out the Getting Started guide.

Available build tasks

"compress" task (default)

Compresses everything in the src/ folder into target/

grunt --target=[desired_output_folder]

--target flag is optional. If not specified, output will simply go to a subfolder called target/ as shown above.

Maven Deploy and Release tasks

Tasks are provided to deploy to a Maven repository. See uptime-gadget-tasks for instructions on use.