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Deploy Google and Wikipedia mirror with one command using


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Archived due to the Fair Use Policy of vercel.

Mirror v0.0.2

Note: if you have a server and want to implement something like subs_filter (eg. replace all to in web pages.), please consider using v0.0.1. v0.0.1 can also proxy all subdomains of Google, it will be useful if you are a heavy Google user.

Using to proxy mirror websites for Google and Chinese Wikipedia, keeping to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful in mind.

How to use

  1. Clone this repo and edit config.js for your proxying configuration.

      "mirrors": [ // an array which configures all websites you want to proxy
          // project name for
          "key": "google",
          "proxied": "",
          // If you don't need custom domain,
          // simply leave `proxying` empty or commented
          "proxying": ""
  2. Install now cli and login.

    npm i -g now
  3. [Optional] Properly configure your custom domain according to Aliasing a Deployment. (Only if you need a custom domain.)

  4. Run npm i and then npm run deploy.

See the following log for example:

Sample log of Mirror
Making mirror google
Making mirror wiki
Making mirror mwiki
Folder wiki created
Folder wiki configured
Deploying wiki to now 
> Deploying D:\github\mirror\wiki under upupming
> Using project wiki
> Ready! Aliases assigned [2s]
Folder google created
Folder google configured
Deploying google to now 
> Deploying D:\github\mirror\google under upupming
> Using project google
> Ready! Aliases assigned [2s]
Folder mwiki created
Folder mwiki configured
Deploying mwiki to now 
> Deploying D:\github\mirror\mwiki under upupming
> Using project mwiki
> Ready! Aliases assigned [2s]
D:\github\mirror\wiki cleaned up
D:\github\mirror\google cleaned up
D:\github\mirror\mwiki cleaned up