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🔣 KaTeX support for docsify
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Add KaTeX support to your docsify project with just two lines of code in index.html.


Add docsify-katex CDN to your index.html:

<!-- CDN files for docsify-katex -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- or <script src="//"></script> -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//"/>


  1. gh/upupming/docsify-katex@latest/dist/docsify-katex.js will always fetch the latest version of docsify-katex on GitHub, you can use it when you want to try the latest dev features.
  2. You don't need katex.min.js, because it is already included in docsify-katex.js.

Demo projects

Name Website Source code
docsify-katex documentation upupming/docsify-katex/docs
Firebook yngtodd/firebook

If you have an awesome project using docsify-katex and want to share it with others, please leave it at this issue. I will add it here as soon as possible.

LaTeX quick reference

Inspired by

  1. vscode-markdown
  2. yzhang-gh/markdown-it-katex


  1. KaTeX

Known issues

Making KaTeX work properly with docsify is a hard work, this repo is just a workaround. The main difficulty is that we cannot know context of the whole markdown file like yzhang-gh/markdown-it-katex does, so matching complicate `'s and $'s is not possible. Now we have such known issues:

  1. Change \` to:


    By doing this, your ` will not be considered as a start or end of a code block.

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