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This is a monorepo for all my talks: slides, code, repos.

To view the slides, visit

January 2019: TypeScript for C# Programmers

A lightning talk introduction to TypeScript for C# programmers. Goes over:

  • What TypeScript is
  • The TypeScript philosophy,
  • The difference between the type systems of TypeScript and traditional OOP languages
  • Cool type system features available in TypeScript
  • How TypeScript interfaces the wider JavaScript world
  • Where to go next

October 2018: Frontend Testing with React, Jest & react-testing-library

A guide to frontend testing with React, jest and react-testing-library. Talks about how React's unidirectional data flow lends itself well to testing, and discusses how to conceptualize tests in terms of inputs and outputs, applying the simple assert square(8) == 64 style of tests in every testing library's documentation to a real program with integration tests.

April 2018: You Got Types In My JavaScript

A gentle introduction to TypeScript for JavaScript programmers.

Discusses the nature of type errors and the value of discovering them at compile time, as well as the difference between nominal and structural typing.

July 2017: Intro to ES2015 with React

An introduction to newer JavaScript features, and a simple weather application built in React.

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