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JS Talk July 2017

A talk I gave in July 2017 about modern JavaScript programming. The first half is a series of slides demonstrating new language features in ES2015 and later standards, and how to use tools like Webpack, Babel and polyfills to make them available. The second half is a live-coding exercise in which I build a simple weather report app with React while explaining VDOM, presentational vs. container components, and other basics of writing vanilla React code.


View slides

Finished code

Concepts mentioned in the talk

Further reading

  • Mozilla Development Network. Best source of JavaScript/HTML documentation.

  • caniuse. Quickly check browser support for features you'd like to use.

  • AirBNB Style Guide. A style guide that will enforce the use of many of these new features over old-style JavaScript.

  • ESLint. When configured to use the AirBNB style guide settings, a very good way to incrementally learn these new features as you code.

  • create-react-app. create-react-app, creates a React app without requiring configuration of various tools.

  • preact. A 3kb React-alike library.

  • Redux and MobX. State management for more complex React applications.

How to run and modify the example app

From this directory

$ cd code
$ npm i
$ ./node_modules/.bin/webpack-dev-server
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