UPX 3.92

@markus-oberhumer markus-oberhumer released this Dec 11, 2016

Please see the file NEWS for a detailed list of changes.

File Description
upx-3.92-amd64_linux.tar.xz UPX - Linux version
upx-3.92-armeb_linux.tar.xz UPX - Linux version
upx-3.92-i386_linux.tar.xz UPX - Linux version
upx-3.92-mipsel_linux.tar.xz UPX - Linux version
upx-3.92-powerpc_linux.tar.xz UPX - Linux version
upx-3.92-src.tar.xz UPX - source code tarball
upx392a.zip UPX - Atari version
upx392d.zip UPX - DOS version
upx392w.zip UPX - Win32 version
upx392wce.zip UPX - WinCE/ARM version