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package radixutil
import (
// DBer is implemented and used by the rest of okq to interact with whatever
// backend has been chosen
type DBer interface {
// Cmd is a function which will perform the given cmd/args in redis and
// returns the resp. It automatically handles using redis cluster, if that
// is enabled
Cmd(string, ...interface{}) *redis.Resp
// Pipe runs a set of commands (given by p) one after the other. It is *not*
// guaranteed that all the commands will be run on the same client. If any
// commands return an error the pipeline will stop and return that error.
// Otherwise the Resp from each command is returned in a slice
// r, err := db.Pipe(
// db.PP("SET", "foo", "bar"),
// db.PP("GET", "foo"),
// )
Pipe(...*PipePart) ([]*redis.Resp, error)
// Scan is a function which returns a channel to which keys matching the
// given pattern are written to. The channel must be read from until it is
// closed, which occurs when there are no more keys or when an error has
// occurred (this error will be logged)
// This should not be used in any critical paths
Scan(string) <-chan string
// GetAddr returns any valid address of a redis instance. Useful for cases
// where we want to create redis connections external to this db package
GetAddr() (string, error)
// PipePart is a single command to be run in a pipe. See Pipe for an example on
// usage
type PipePart struct {
cmd string
args []interface{}
// PP should be called NewPipePart, but that's pretty verbose. It simple returns
// a new PipePart, to be used in a call to Pipe
func PP(cmd string, args ...interface{}) *PipePart {
return &PipePart{cmd, args}
// ConfigMeta contains DB configs
type ConfigMeta struct {
// RedisAddr Address redis is listening on
RedisAddr string `json:"redis_addr"`
// RedisSentinels A sentinel address to connect to through to the client - overrides other options
RedisSentinels []string `json:"redis_sentinel_addr"`
// RedisSentinelGroup A redis sentinel group name for selecting which redis masters to connect
RedisSentinelGroup string `json:"redis_sentinel_group"`
// RedisCluster Whether or not to treat the redis address as a node in a larger cluster
RedisCluster bool `json:"redis_cluster"`
// RedisSentinel Whether or not to redis sentinel mode
RedisSentinel bool `json:"redis_sentinel"`
var (
// Conf global DB configs
Conf *ConfigMeta
// Inst is an instance of DBer which is automatically initialized and which is
// what should be used by the rest of okq
Inst DBer
// InitDB init DB with configs, if config is nil, then default configs will be used.
func InitDB(config *ConfigMeta) {
var err error
if config == nil {
Conf = &ConfigMeta{
RedisAddr: "",
RedisCluster: false,
RedisSentinel: false,
RedisSentinels: []string{},
RedisSentinelGroup: "master",
} else {
Conf = config
if Conf.RedisSentinel {
Inst, err = newSentinelDB()
} else if Conf.RedisCluster {
Inst, err = newClusterDB()
} else {
Inst, err = newNormalDB()
if err != nil {
func scanHelper(redisClient *redis.Client, pattern string, retCh chan string) error {
cursor := "0"
for {
r := redisClient.Cmd("SCAN", cursor, "MATCH", pattern)
if r.Err != nil {
return r.Err
elems, err := r.Array()
if err != nil {
return err
results, err := elems[1].List()
if err != nil {
return err
for i := range results {
retCh <- results[i]
if cursor, err = elems[0].Str(); err != nil {
return err
} else if cursor == "0" {
return nil