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GPIO Pinout

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Raspberry A&BRev1,A&BRev2, B+,Pi2,Pi3,PiZero, PiZeroW

raspberrypi gpios

Please note that SwiftyGPIO uses the raw Broadcom numbering scheme to assign a number to each pin. The RaspberryPi 2 and Zero have the same pinout of the B+. The hardware SPI has MOSI0 in GPIO10 and SCLK0 in GPIO11. Here is a description with all the alternative functions (valid for all 40 pins RaspberryPis):

RPI pins

Beaglebone Black

This diagram refers to the pinout for the default mode-0 of the pins, as described here. beaglebone gpios

Orange Pi

orange pi gpios


tinkerboard gpios


C.H.I.P. gpios

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