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Pygments VIM Styles

A collection of famous VIM theme, fixed and converted to pygments CSS. Feel free to fork and add your favorite theme using the guide below!

Included until now:


  • desert
  • mustang
  • no_quarter
  • peaksea
  • railscasts
  • rdark
  • slate
  • wombat
  • freya (Thanks to
  • inkpot (Thanks to

Update 2014:

  • codeschool
  • guardian
  • twilight
  • GRB256


  • nuvola

Update 2014:

  • github light

Convert your VIM styles

These CSS have been generated using the following script:


Two possible issue you could find while converting your vim color scheme that have an easy workaround:

  • Launching pygmentize you get a python error related to a line that starts with a colon, opening the .py you'll notice the content of the line is duplicated by the previous one, simply delete the line starting with colon and relaunch pygmentize.
  • Some vim schemes define color variables (it's vimscript afterall) and evaluate them using exec '>color declaration>' syntax, a dumb way to make the scheme digestible for vim2pygments is to manually replace the variable values and remove the exec '' calls.




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