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Version 0.5.0 - October 4, 2019

Version 0.5.0 is a major version release form @urbanadventurer and @bcoles. 👏 With the help of the WhatWeb community we have reached over 1800 plugins!

⚠️ Plugin authors should take note that this release is not backwards compatible, and we have made a migration tool to help you update your private or unreleased plugins.


  • Added WhatWeb Logo and icons
  • Added IDN (International Domain Name) support
  • Merged 31 new plugins by Bhavin Senjaliya and 22 plugin updates from the unofficial WhatWeb gem at
  • Added 9 unit tests
  • Added loading cookies from a FILE with --cookie-jar=FILE in the document.cookie format
  • Added Migration tool to convert plugins to the v0.5 format in plugin-development/migrate-plugins-to-v0.5.rb
  • Refactored and modularised the codebase -- @urbanadventurer and @bcoles


  • Bug fix - Ruby 2.4 and 2.5 OpenSSL issue
  • Bug fix - Fixed ElasticSearch version 6+ issue
  • Bug fix - SQL output issue
  • Bug fix - In HTTP Auth parsing @rmaksimov
  • Fix bug causing WhatWeb to exit with no output. Thanks @mguillau42 for tracking down this race condition.
  • Typo fix. Thanks Jose Nazario (@paralax)
  • Bug fix - clean incorrent UTF-8 byte sequences when loading from file @dirtyfilthy


  • Updated all plugins with an authors array to show multiple authors
  • Plugin list now shows plugin names and websites instead of a truncated plugin description.
  • Updated the usage help. Reduced the size of the short usage help.
  • Better error reporting in commandline options
  • Updated README and converted to Markdown format
  • Updated manpage
  • Plugins instance variable handling improvement. @Code0x58
  • Plugin name defined within plugin as variable. @Code0x58
  • Changed from functions to blocks for passive and aggressive plugins. @Code0x58
  • Changed plugin locking @Code0x58
  • Changed the behaviour of --grep to only output results that match the grep plugin
  • Changed the behaviour of --grep so regexp or text can be matched
  • Removed feature --follow-redirect same-domain because it relies on the out-dated TLD library for valid TLDs and SLDs
  • Removed requirement for 'nmap' and now use the IPAddr gem for IP address ranges. CIDR, x.x.x.x-x.x.x.x and x.x.x.x-x supported


  • 48 new plugins from contributors
  • 31 plugins updated from contributors
  • 100+ plugin updates by Andrew Horton (@urbanadventurer)



Assets 2

@urbanadventurer urbanadventurer released this Nov 23, 2017 · 442 commits to master since this release

  • Added unit testing with rake @bcoles
  • Added Elastic Search output @SlivTaMere
  • Source code formatting cleanup @Code0x58
  • Thread reuse and logging through a single thread @Code0x58
  • Fixed max-redirection bug @Code0x58
  • Fixed bug when using a proxy and HTTPS (unknown user)
  • Fixed timeout deprecation warning @iGeek098
  • New plugins and plugin updates @guikcd @bcoles @andreas-becker
  • Added proxy and user-agent to logging @rdubourguais
  • Updated Alexa top websites lists
  • Updated update-alexa script
  • Updated IP to Country database
  • Updated man page
  • Updated Mongo DB output for Mongo 2.x
Assets 2
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