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Android Airship SDK

Airship SDK for Android.



  • minSdkVersion 16
  • compileSdkVersion 29


  1. Include Airship into the build.gradle file:
   dependencies {
     def airshipVersion = "13.3.2"

     // FCM push provider
     implementation "$airshipVersion"

     // Message Center
     implementation "$airshipVersion"

     // In-App Automation
     implementation "$airshipVersion"
  1. Add Firebase to your app.

  2. Create a new file with your application’s settings:

   developmentAppKey = Your Development App Key
   developmentAppSecret = Your Development App Secret

   productionAppKey = Your Production App Key
   productionAppSecret = Your Production Secret

   # LogLevel is "VERBOSE", "DEBUG", "INFO", "WARN", "ERROR" or "ASSERT"
   developmentLogLevel = DEBUG
   productionLogLevel = ERROR

   # Notification customization
   notificationIcon = ic_notification
   notificationAccentColor = #ff0000

   # Optional - Set the default channel
   notificationChannel = "customChannel"
  1. Set the Autopilot meta-data in the AndroidManifest.xml file:
      <meta-data android:name="com.urbanairship.autopilot"

Sample Application

A sample application is available that showcases the majority of the features offered by the Airship SDK. Before running the sample, copy the file in sample/src/main/assets/ to sample/src/main/assets/ and modify the properties to match your application's config.

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