BlackBerry push notification sample application, OS 5.0 and up
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Urban Airship Push Client for BB OS 5+

Urban Airship Push Client for BB OS 5+ is a sample application designed to quickly get you up and running with Urban Airship Push Notifications, and to provide an example for how you might integrate push inside of your RIM Blackberry OS 5 or 6 application.


BlackBerry JDE 5+

Notable Components

The class where all of your application settings are stored. These include:
The helper class that sets up listening to events and notifications in the background.

The API class that handles communication between UA and your app.

  • urbanAirshipRegisterPIN: registers your device PIN with Urban Airship for notifications.
  • urbanAirshipUnRegisterPIN: un-registers your device PIN with Urban Airship, marking that the PIN should not receive any other notifications until registered again.
  • urbanAirshipRegisterPINWithAlias: allows you to register your device PIN and associate an Alias with the device.
The main application entry point. The application is designed to have an alternate entry point for starting background listening for notifications on device reset.,,,,
Classes used for presenting UI for the sample app.
Singleton class for providing persistent application storage, for keeping track of whether push services are enabled or disabled for the device.


  • Import the project into Eclipse or your favorite IDE.
  • Open the file and enter your application's unique RIM / UA information.
  • Compile the app.
  • Using the application dashboard at, send test messages to your application.

Integrating it into your application

  • Copy the module to your app.
  • Copy the module to your app.
  • Copy the module to your app.
  • Copy the module to your app.
  • Follow the model of the code in UrbanAirshipMain for implementing GlobalEventListener.