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1.3.3 Sep 17, 2012
- Updated projects for iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5
- Added exception when [UAirship takeOff:<options>] is called
on a thread other than the main thread
- Fixed registration error that occurred when a device unregistered,
then re registered
- Added delegate callback for the significant change location service
1.3.2 Aug 15, 2012
- Updated sample projects and UI to reflect new registration workflow
- Quiet time fixes in sample app
- Fixed alias migration bug
- Setting the pusheEnabled property registers and unregisters device tokens
- Deprecated unRegisterDeviceToken
- Fixed unit tests
1.3.1 Aug 7, 2012
- Fixed issue with unregistration that prevented
subsequent registration
1.3.0 - Aug 7, 2012
- Deprecated registration related methods in UAirship and moved them to UAPush
- Changed behavior for alias,tags, and quiet time, property setters no longer
automatically trigger a registration API call, refer to UAPush.h for details
- Device metadata (tags,alias,quiet time) is now persisted before a successful
registration update
- Added auto retry for certain server responses in UAPush during registration
1.2.2 - June 18, 2012
- Fixed problem reporting hard push conversions in some situations
- Updated UALocationService to shut down single location tasks in a timely
manner when unrecoverable CLLocationManager errors occurred
- Modfied UALocationService single location settings to prevent high accuracy
location calls from constantly timing out in poor GPS conditions
- Changed UALocationService delgate callbacks when the location service cannot
retrieve a location that meets accuracy requirements
1.2.1 - April 26, 2012
- Dropped support for iOS versions prior to 4.0
- Location service improvements
- Fixed crash when reporting location to UALocationService from background thread
- Modified UALocationServiceNSDefaultsKey values to contain the "UALocationService" prefix
- CoreTelephony is now required
1.2.0 - April 3, 2012
- Added location support
- IAP and Subscription content URL cache fixes
1.1.5 - March 28, 2012
- Removed all UDID usage
- Added UA-specific device ID
- Added the ability for devs to access the UAUser ID through a Settings.bundle for support purposes
1.1.4 - January 26, 2012
- Added nil product check to pending download and decompression logic
- Cleared sessions have an empty string session_id value after app backgrounding
1.1.3 - December 30, 2011
- Fixed incompatibility between ASIHTTPRequest and UA_ASIHTTPRequest introduced in recent update
- Fixed Subscriptions decompression path bug that resulted in content unzipping into a
content key subdirectory
1.1.2 - December 20, 2011
- Updated HTTP client libraries
- IAP and Subscription content URLs are cached for 24 hours after purchase
- Improvements to resuming incomplete installs for IAP and Subscription content
- Subscriptions UI now supports free subscriptions
- Subscriptions checks if products are available before submitting receipts
- FIX: takeOff no longer crashes if the build field in Xcode is not set
- FIX: Downloaded content is stored in Caches on iOS 5.0 and marked with the "do not back up"
attribute on iOS 5.0.1
- FIX: Tag API is working properly
- FIX: Inbox "Mark as Read" button is unavailable once a message is marked as read
1.1.1 - October 23, 2011
- Registrations will no longer be performed when the app is running in the background
- FIX: Background download tasks will only be created when there are pending downloads.
- FIX: Properly release UIAlertView displayed in the Inbox UI when messages arrive while the app
is running.
1.1.0 - October 10, 2011
- Code-level docs are available at (a work in progress)
- Silenced analytics/reports-related logging by default.
- Added new iOS5-related analytics events
- Trim whitespace from AirshipConfig.plist keys and secrets
- Removed the need for extra linker flags (all_load and the weak ref to libSystem.B)
- Fixed decompression failure error message text in In-App Purchase
- Fix URL-encoding issue in UAPush single-tag methods
- UAPushNotificationDelegate's methods are now optional
- Fixed a UAPushNotificationDelegate selector with an empty parameter name
- Fixed a bug in the autorenewable product renewal flow. Renewals are now handled properly.
- Fixed a bug in the SKTransaction handling when both SubscriptionLib and StoreFrontLib were used.
- Fixed a bug in subscription receipt validation. Transactions are now kept open until a receipt
is validated.
- Major updates to InboxLib and the Rich Push Inbox sample
- Methods and properties related to setting the "active" inbox have been eliminated or renamed
- UAInboxAlertProtocol has been removed
- The inbox database has been renamed from "Airmail.db" to "UAInbox.db"
- Inbox messages can carry an explicit content type other than text/html
- UAInboxMessageList supports concurrent batch updates
- Message extras are now retrieved and cached locally
- Improvements to message and asset cache for performance
- Improvements to Obj-C <-> Javascript bridge
- Added message id and user id values to the message detail's JS environment
- See
for information on specific items added, removed or modified
Inbox Protocols:
- UAInboxMessageListObserver breaks out batch update events in explicit success/failure methods
- Cleaner separation from UAUser observer patterns
- New UAInboxPushHandlerDelegate protocol allows for a user-specified delegate to respond to
incoming in-app messages
Inbox UI Classes:
- iPad specific classes and xib files have been removed
- iPhone interfaces have been generalized to be adaptable to the iPad UI idiom
- New UAInboxOverlayController allows for displaying incoming Rich Push messages
in an overlay window superimposed over your content
- UAInboxMessageListController and UAInboxMessageViewController have been redesigned to be
embeddable in non-modal contexts, like navigation controller stacks and tab bar controllers
- New UAInboxNavUI embeds the inbox in a navigation controller or popover controller
- The InboxSample project allows you to select between multiple UI classes on the fly
as a quick overview of the different inbox interface styles
1.0.7 - August 29, 2011
- Rebuilt 1.0.6 in Xcode 4.1 to address an armv7 issue in the Xcode 4.2 generated static library
1.0.6 - August 26, 2011
Autorenewable Subscriptions:
- Added Autorenewable subscription support. Purchasing is identical to the non-autorenewable process.
- Added a restore process that will work on multiple devices without email entry. To trigger
a restore, call UASubscriptionManager's restoreAutorenewables method. The subscription list will
be automatically reloaded when the restore is complete.
- Added new events in UASubscriptionManagerObserver (see UASubscriptionManager.h for
details on their use).
- Added UASubscriptionAlertType value that indicates restore failure: UASubscriptionAlertFailedRestore
Newsstand and Other Subscription Updates:
- The inventory now has an availableProducts property that contains items that are available for sale.
- Added contentForKey: convenience getter to UASubscriptionInventory
- Added publish date for subscription content
- Added option to set custom download directory for subscription content
- Subscription content is now placed in a subdirectory named with the content key OR the specified
product ID if it is available
Subscription Sample UI:
- The "Settings" button has been replaced with a "Restore" button.
- The email entry interstitial UIAlertView has been removed.
- Modified sample app to use the product ID string rather than the subscription product object
iOS5-Specific Updates:
- Fixed modal view issues in each sample UI
- Fixed a crash caused by the unread count graphic in the Inbox UI
- Updated purchase calls so they no longer use iOS5-deprecated purchase methods
Misc updates:
- UAUser may now be instantiated before takeOff so that you can add observers for the creation process.
- Added UAUserStateCreating value to the UAUserState enum
- Fixed crash in IAP library caused when a product was purchased multiple times in a single app session.
- Added flexibility to UAHTTPConnection. Supports multiple methods, auth.
- Disabled reports uploads when app is not active
- The library header imports have been cleaned up to prevent conflicts. You
may need to add some additional imports to any custom UI classes (e.g., UASubscriptionProduct.h)
- Instance variables are now private
- Better documentation. New AR functionality is documented in headers.
- Updates for Xcode 4.1 and 4.2 beta
1.0.5 - April 26, 2011
- Fixed bug where the StoreFront sample UI would not return control to the original window.
- Fixed bug where product_id was missing from subscription objects.
- Fixed enum collisions with external libraries.
- Fixed multiple exec_bad_access crashes in StoreFront UI.
- Fixed bug that would append product_id to download custom download directories.
- Fixed bug that would append trailing slashes to tags.
- Fixed bad property assignment in UAInboxUI.
- Fixed early SKTransaction finish calls that could cause a crash.
- Fixed bug that could cause downloads to fail on retry and appear stuck.
- Fixed bug where StoreFrontDetails viewcontroller could be pushed twice and crash.
- Fixed arm6 LLVM bug that would cause crashing on older devices when launching UAirship.
- Moved UAInboxMessageListCell to shared.
- Removed extra logging, and changed logs to be triggered by a takeOff options flag LOGGING_ENABLED
- Removed all non-essential code files from Airship/External directory.
- Library is now a single arm6/arm7/i386 universal release file.
- Xcode4 support for all projects.
1.0.4 - February 23, 2011
- Added Analytics to all products and samples. Gathering basic device data and tracking app state
to determine push conversion related data. Can be enabled/disabled via takeOffOptions, on by default.
- Added a completely re-worked PushLib with an all new sample project and UI. Includes a number
of handlers for making push, alias, tags, and auto-badge much simpler to use.
- Add ability to send key/secret and other settings via takeOffOptions.
- Added cleaner exits and error handling for missing UI classes.
- Renamed log macros to have a UA_ prefix.
- Fixed enum linker collisions on Reachability and asihttp.
- Fixed IAP iPad UI crash in landscape mode.
1.0.3 - January 31, 2011
- Updated copyrights
- Fixed storeFrontWillHide delegate call. Removed storeFrontDidHide.
- Updated all projects to use Clang/LLVM 1.6 as default (fully compatible now)
- Fixed numerous LLVM/Analyzer warnings
1.0.2 - January 27, 2011
- Fixed bug causing downloads to still go to NSDocuments instead of NSLibrary
- Removed category on UIDevice, eliminating -all_load flag requirement, and moved the functionality to UAUtils
- Fixed dateFormatter to require GMT and en_us_posix locale
- Fixed bug where download directory intermediate dirs were not initialized
1.0.1 - January 20, 2011
- Fixed bug that would erroneously cause subscription transactions to finish early with rare network issues.
- Moved keys to AirshipConfig.plist
- Added missing -all_load linker flags
- Added UATagUtils helper class for setting typical device tags
- Removed unused class UAInboxDelegate
- Updated README
1.0.0 - December 27, 2010
- First Static Library Release
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